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Hey bunnies, we've got a Valentine quiz for you. It's simple, you pick your favorite Valentine fragrance and we'll tell you who your television teen crush was. It's suuuuper scientific, and accurate.


A) Cupcakes At Tiffany's (Toffee, cupcakes, buttercream)

B) Whatta Man (Barbershop, Shaving Cream Wood Sage & Sea Salt)

C) Merman (Sea Witch, Blue Sugar)

D) Be Mine (Hot Chocolate, Marshmallows)

E) Bunny's Flower Shop (Floral, greenery, sugar cookies)

F) Sweet Valley High ( Jasmine flower, citrus, sugar)






A)  Brandon Walsh (90210)

Your sweet tooth transcends to a sweet guy. Brandon was the hunk with a heart of gold. Your dream date would be cruising in his convertible and sharing a sweet treat at The Peach Pit. Just watch out for his twin Brenda, she can be a little catty.


B)  Angel (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Dark and mysterious, you like a sophisticated MAN, not a boy, and no one is older than Angel! Your late night date would be catching a cool band at The Bronze, and maybe getting down and dirty...literally. You might have to fight some evil vampires and monsters, but he'll keep you safe.


C)  Alex Keaton (Family Ties)

Smart, serious and sophisticated is how you like your blends and how you like your crush. Don't expect a keg party on this date! Dress to impress, and keep it conservative!


D)  Zack Morris (Saved By The Bell)

Some things never go out of style, like chocolate on Valentine's day... and some things definitely go out of style, like Zack's wardrobe. But hey, how can you resist his charm? Expect your date to involve some wacky hijinx. Zack plans to take you for a romantic hot chocolate date at The Max, but oh no! Kelly is working, so instead he tricks Mr. Belding and you guys have a quick fun date in the principal's office instead.


E)  Will Smith (Fresh Prince Of Bel Air)

Fresh and fun! You're easy going and want to be around someone who is going to be a blast to be around. Just don't get on uncle Phil's bad side!


F) Dan Humphrey (Gossip Girl)

Well read, and just the right amount of nerdy, Dan is a romantic at heart. Prepare for an intimate date at a  cool coffee shop in Brooklyn  followed by a stroll around Central Park. XOXO

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