Creating A Winter Wonderland (In 80 Degree Weather)

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This year, it seems like winter in Texas is just gonna have to be a state of mind, and not so much a season. As I type this, my air conditioner is 8:30 at night. In December. Sure am glad I bought all those cute sweaters already! Sigh. Oh well, inside my home it looks and feels festive enough. For me Christmas is all about nostalgia and tradition. Today I'll share some of our fun and festive blends that are sure to put you in the winter state of mind, no matter what the thermostat may say.



1. Griswold Family Christmas: If you're ready for a fun old-fashioned family Christmas, full of twinkling lights, strange cousins and jelly of the month gifts, then Griswold Family Christmas is the wax melt for you. A traditionally cheery blend of  tart cranberry, orange peel,  cinnamon, clove, and fragrant evergreen. I melted this while I put up my tree and watched The Office Christmas episodes. "Yankee swap is like Machiavelli meets...Christmas"


2.  Fairy Godmother: When you're stuffed full of gumdrops and cookies, Fairy Godmother will give you a sugar fix without all the calories. A mix of Lush's Snow Fairy, Sugar cookie and cotton candy, Fairy Godmother is sure to leave you satisfied.


Peppermint Frosted Cupcakes: A comforting baked blend of delicious cupcakes topped with peppermint frosting and candy cane crumbles . Perfect for a cozy night by the fire.. or in my case this winter. A cozy night in shorts and a tee.

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