Scary Movie and Melt Quiz!

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Take our super scientific quiz to find out what spooky movie and wax melt you'll need this Halloween season!


It's a cool Friday night in October. What are your plans?

A) Babysitting. Make a little cash, carve a pumpkin with the kiddos. Should be a quiet night in.

B) Camping with my friends! I love the outdoors. Serene lake, no one around for miles...

C) Warm bath and early to bed for me. I love to sleep! Mr. Sandman bring me a dream!


 You hear a loud noise coming from somewhere. What do you do?

A) Go outside to investigate. Maybe it's your friend trying to scare you. I'll just slip outside and scare her right back!

B) Let's split up! We can cover more ground if we all go our separate ways. I'll check the barn. I'll be right back!

C) It's probably just the cat, why is she always getting into something so late at night? I'll just go investigate the basement then back to bed.

 There's a big scary man chasing you with a butter knife, where do you hide?


A)  In the closet! I can shove myself behind the box of old Halloween costumes and call the police on my phone! I hope I get reception in there...

B) In the barn! I can try to barricade the big double doors with a bale of hay and maybe there's some sharp farm tool I can use to protect myself until help arrives.

C) Under the bed! My door has a lock, that should slow him down. Plus my bedroom is so messy he'll never find me under there. Hey! there's that sock I was looking for!


Let's see what you got!

If you answered mostly A)

Michael Myers (Cinnamon Cream , Zucchini Bread, Birthday Cake, Marshmallow)

You're practical and like to play it safe. No crazy plotlines or booze ridden partyin for you tonight. Pop on an oldie but a goody, the original John Carpenter's Halloween and melt this warm comforting blend. Just make sure the doors are locked.


If you answered mostly B)

Friday The 13th ( Marshmallow Fireside, Red Apple)

Where's the party? You love to have fun and your spunky attitude makes you a resourceful foil to any masked maniac. Our campy blend pairs perfectly with the campy nature of the Friday The 13th movies. Just maybe reconsider skinny dipping at any spooky lakes.


If you answered mostly C)

Freddy Krueger (Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee)

Nothing comes between you and your cozy bed, not even a supernatural dream man! Any masked maniac won't know what hit him if he dare wake you from your slumber! Put on your favorite pajamas, pour yourself some coffee and pop in A Nightmare On Elm Street film and our Freddy Krueger melt.


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