Pass On The Cranberry: 5 Alternative Thanksgiving Wax Melt Blends

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Thanksgiving is coming up quick, my waistline isn't ready! But the one thing The Bunny Sisters are ready for is helping you set the mood with great scents to fill your home. When thinking of holiday scents, we all have our go to list: pumpkin, cranberry, cinnamon and cloves, so we compiled a list of nontraditional  blends for the folks that are tired of the same old, same old.



Scent Notes: Woodsage & Sea Salt, Barbershop, Shaving Cream

Pairs Nicely With: Grandma meeting your sister's new boyfriend with the neck tattoo



Scent Notes: Vanilla Cotton, Peppermint, Pink Sugar

Pairs Nicely With: Falling asleep during the Macy's Day Parade



Scent Notes: Buttermilk  Blueberry Pancakes, Maple Syrup, Pecans

Pairs Nicely With: Your glass of breakfast wine



Scent Notes: Marshmallow Fireside, Salty Sea Air, Pink Sugar

Pairs Nicely With: Explaining to your mother that you're perfectly happy being single



Scent Notes: Tea & Cakes,  Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies, Marshmallow

Pairs Nicely With: Feeling so uncomfortably full, the thought of getting off the couch before Christmas Eve seems like an impossible task



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