Scent List & Notes

4th of July : Fresh Picked Strawberries, blueberry cobbler, cake sugar cookies

90's Party Punch  (Fizzy Pop Rainbow Sherbet)

Adventures In Babysitting  fresh strawberry,  watermelon candy,  zucchini bread, birthday cake,  marshmallow

After The Rain bamboo grass, rainbow sherbet, white clouds

All My Children  ( Zucchini bread, Birthday Cake, Marshmallow, Cupcakes At Tiffanys)

Ambrosia Salad  lemon coconut leaves, cherry icee,  satsuma,  marshmallows, pineapple,  buttercream

A Day Off White clouds,  sweater weather, leaves

An offer he can't refuse  cherry slushee,  blackberry jam butter cookies,  bday cake,  marshmallow,  cupcakes at Tiffany's,  zucchini bread

April Sugar  Downy April Fresh,  Pink Sugar

Apple Cider Cookies

Apple Picking   (red, granny, mac apple)

Appy Birthday  Red apple,  birthday cake,  zuchinni bread

Are You Afraid of the Dark?  (Bedtime Bath, Lavender, Toasted Marshmallow, Sugar Cookies, AND Smores)

Aunt Bunny's Fruitcake Cake blend,  blueberry pancakes, toffee apple, cranberry pumpkin

Aunt Viv  vanilla lace & pearls, chocolate amber, chocolate orchid


Babysitters Club  : Birthday Cake, zucchini bread, fluffy marshmallows

Bakers Dozen  pink sugar,  blackberry jam butter cookies, pie crust

Banana Grass  ( fresh cut grass, banana, vanilla bean noel)

Barre Baby (Watermelon, Fizzy Pop)

Beach Bonfire   (salty sea air, bonfire, marshmallow fireside)

Beach House  Bamboo, fresh air, lavender, lime salty sea air

Beach Jam  Cotton candy frosting, vanilla ice cream,  blackberry jam butter cookies, salty sea air)

Beach Towels  (clean laundry, suntan lotion)

Be Mine  (hot chocolate, toasted marshmallow)

Berry Bake off  Blueberry cobbler, raspberry, strawberry, sugar corn pudding, cornbread

Berry Banana Cookies  (Sugared Berries, Banana, Cookies)

Berry Cream Tea  Blackberry tea, raspberry, vanilla ice cream

Berry Gain

Berry Marshmallow Pie  blueberry,  raspberry,  strawberry marshmallow,  pie crust

Berry Summer Scoop  fresh picked strawberries, blueberry, summer scoop

Berry Zucchini Bread : fresh picked strawberry, blueberry, zucchini bread

Blackberry Fig Tea

Blue Bunny blue sugar, cotton candy frosting, vanilla ice cream

Blueberry Cider Noel  blueberry pancakes,  cider lane, vanilla bean noel 

Blue Cactus and Sea Salt : Blue Sugar and Cactus and Sea Salt

Blueberry caramel apple cookies

Blueberry Croissant

Blueberry Lemon Waffle Cone

Blueberry Zucchini Bread 

Blue Hawaiian Cream Pops vanilla ice cream, blue Hawaiian,  lollipops,  vanilla bean noel

Booze Cruise  Frozen Margarita, salty sea air

The Breakfast Club: Lemon meringue pie, fresh baked bread, rose jam

Breakfast Of Champions  (Froot Loops, Birthday Cake)

Bunny Bakery Sugar Cookies, Cupcakes at Tiffanys, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

Bunny Banana Bread Banana,  pumpkin pie, zucchini bread,  corn muffins

Bunny Bouquet Fresh Flower, cotton candy frosting,  vanilla ice cream

Bunny Picnic Strawberry blend, fresh cut grass, marshmallow

Bunny Pie  Cotton candy, vanilla ice cream, pie crust

 Bunny Boardwalk  Raspberry, rainbow Sherbet, Cotton Candy Frosting, Vanilla Ice Cream

Bunny's Apple Pie red apple, chestnuts brown sugar, pie crust

Bunny Fields  Strawberry Patch, fresh cut grass, white clouds

Bunny's Flower Shop  Fresh Flowers, Sugar Cookies

Buffy Slays  red apple, mac apple, cotton candy, snickerdoodle

Cake secret blend of cakes


Cake and Ice Cream birthday cake,  vanilla ice cream,  waffle cone

Camp Crystal Lake   (Marshmallow Fireside, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie)

Candyland: Lollipops, fruity champagne, rainbow sherbet

Captain Ron Captain crunch berries,  blueberry pancakes,  sugar cookies, Twinkies

Captain Chaos Captain Crunch berries, Sugar Milk, Strawberry

Careless whisper  white cloud, chocolate orchid, circus concession, marshmallow fireside,

Carny Treats   (Mac Apple, Marshmallow, Kettle Corn)

Caramel Chameleon : salted caramel, mac apple, vanilla bean noel

Caramel Waffle

Castle Rock Leaves,  Satsuma

Cherry Icee Cherry Slushee, Fizzy Pop

Children of the Corn (creamed corn, corn muffins, cinnamon cream)

Chocolate Covered Strawberries fresh strawberry,  hot cocoa,  sugar cookie

Christmas Party  sparkling champagne,  berries,  holiday cheer

Cider At Tiffany's  cider lane, apple cider, cupcakes at Tiffany's

Cider House  coffee house, cider lane

Cider Lane Sweets   cider lane, snickerdoodle

Cinnamon Sugared Croissant

Clown Nose  (Circus Concession and Red Apple)

Coconut Lavender Sugar Cookies

Cool Runnings  New Peppermint, Sugar Cookie, Cotton Candy Frosting

Coney Island (Salt Water Taffy, Cotton Candy Frosting, Vanilla Ice Cream)

Continental Breakfast  croissant,  jelly donut, sugar milk,  cap'n crunch berries,  Froot loops

Cosmic Cookies  Lemon meringue pie, sugar cookie, croissant

Cotton Candy Cornbread

Cotton Candy Crunch cap'n crunch berries,  cotton candy,  cotton candy frosting

Cotton Candy Frosted Lemon Cookies

Cotton Candy Snow fairy

Counting Sheep  (Vanilla Cotton, Peppermint, Pink Sugar)

Cupcakes at Tiffany's

Cupcakes At The Beach  cupcakes at tiffanys, salty sea air, marshmallow

Cranberry Pumpkin

Cranberry Pumpkin Cookies cranberry pumpkin,  snickerdoodle, sugar cookie, buttercream

Creamed Corn  -corn pudding, birthday cake, pie crust


Dessert at Grandma's  Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Sugar Cookie, marshmallow Bakery blend

Donna Martin  : fresh picked strawberry, cotton candy frosting, fizzy pop

Down In Kokomo Lemon coconut leaves,   sea salt and Yuzu,   suntan lotion,  toasted marshmallow

Dream coconut milk and lavender, pink sugar, cotton candy

Dylan McKay  Wood Sage and Sea Salt, Salty Sea Air

Elizabeth Wakefield Sweet Valley High blend,  rosemary and mint, lavender

Excursions  Pink sands, wild sea grass, fresh bamboo

Fairy Godmother: Snow Fairy type, sugar cookie, cotton candy

Fancy Cookies Snickerdoodle. Sugar cookie,  cinnamon sugar

Fizzy Arnold Palmer ( -Sweet Tea, Lemonade, Fizzy Pop

Fizzy Bath   ( Avobath, Fizzy Pop)

Fraggle Rock  cinnamon doughnut. Pumpkin pecan waffles, pie crust, chestnuts and brown sugar

Freddy Krueger  (Cinnamon Coffee)

Freddy vs Jason  fresh brewed coffee, coconut cream pie, marshmallow fireside

French Lavender Sweets  French Lavender,  creamed corn blend

Fresh Bamboo Salted cantaloupe

Friday Bonfire marshmallow fireside,  red apple,  bonfire

Friday The 13th  (Marshmallow Fireside, Red Apple)

Frosted Cotton Candy Froot Loop Cookie buttercream,  cotton candy, Froot Loops, sugar cookies

Fruit Cream Surprise creamed corn, grape, strawberry

Glitter Bomb : pistachio pudding cake, rose, red apple

Goodnight Moon French Lavender, peppermint, cake blend

Goosebumps  Toffee apple, zucchini bread, toasted marshmallow

Grape Koolaid  Secret blend

Grape Soda  Grape candy,  fizzy pop

Grass Stains  (apple mango tango, fresh grass,  lemonade)

Green Apple Martini

Green Thumb  Strawberry Tomato,  Rose

Griswold Family Christmas  (cranberry,  orange peel,  cinnamon,  clove,  evergreen)

Groovy! - Orange, Patchouli

Gym Tan Laundry  : Suntan, Gain

Haunted Mansion  (Mac Apple, Pumpkin Souffle, Toasted Marshmallow)

Happy Hour -Fruity Champagne, Black Cherry Merlot

Hawaiian Spa

Hello Bunny  ( Blue Hawaiian, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Milkshake)

Hello McFly Australian Bamboo grass, wood sage and Sea salt, sea salt and Yuzu 

Hey Dude!  Cactus & Sea Salt, Avobath

Holiday Dessert Cinnamon pumpkin. Vanilla ice cream,  brown sugar

Home Alone  (Peppermint, ice cream, shaving cream)

Homecoming Cookies  pomegranate, blueberry cobbler, cotton candy, snickerdoodle

Honolulu Taffy  Honolulu sun, salt water taffy

Honolulu Beach  Honolulu sun, salty sea air

Hula Girl  Volcano, Blue Hawaiian, Vanilla bean noel

Ice Cream Sandwich  sugar cookie, vanilla ice cream

I Know What You Did Last Summer wood sage and sea salt, salty sea air, chocolate orchid

In The Tall Grass Fresh cut grass,  honey i washed the kids,  

Italian Rose Cream Soda rose, vanilla ice cream,  fizzy pop 

Jason Voorhees   (Mashmallow Fireside, Pumpkin Pie)

Jersey Shore   (Cotton Candy Frosting, Vanilla Ice Cream, Salty Sea Air)

Jessica Wakefield  suntan lotion,   Sweet Valley High,  lemon coconut leaves

Just Relax  (french lavender, chocolate orchid)

Keep It Clean  gain, avobath, green fabuloso

Kelis  strawberry milkshake, sugar corn pudding

Kitten Mittens  vanilla cotton, pink sugar, vanilla bean noel, zucchini bread

Lavender Tea Cakes   lavender, birthday cake, tea & cakes

Lilo & Stitch  Pineapple Honolulu sun type

Lisa Turtle  pie crust, cotton candy frosting, birthday cake

Lizzie Borden cranberry pumpkin, cococnut cream pie, pumpkin cheesecake

Malibu Barbie  suntan, banana, fruits melon berries, lemon coconut leaves

Malibu Skipper  froot loops, coconut cream pie, blue Hawaiian, sugar cookie

Mango Dragonfruit Smoothie  mango tangerine, dragonfruit, vanilla ice cream

Marie Antoinette   (BBJB, Tea and Cakes, Marshmallow)

Maui  Marshmallow Pie volcano, coconut cream pie, toasted marshmallow

Merlin's Forest

Mermaid   (Sea Witch, Pink Sugar)

Mermaid sundae Mango Tangerine, Summer Scoop, Vanilla Ice Cream, Waffle Cone)

Merman  (Sea Witch, Blue Sugar)

Michael Myers   cinnamon cream, zucchini bread, birthday cake, marshmallow

Midnight Snack  - Blueberry Cheescake Ice Cream, Froot Loops

Mother Of Pearl  (salty sea air, vanilla lace pearls, cotton candy)

Monster Blood: ( Green Apple, blue Hawaiian, lemonade

Mrs Voorhees : Marshmallow fireside, salty sea air, pink sugar

Muppet Babies: Froot loops, captain crunch berries, birthday cake, cotton candy frosting

Never Sleep Again   (Cinnamon Sugar Donut, Coffee)

Orange Cloud  Orange blossom,  white cloud,  toasted marshmallow

Pass The Pie (Strawberry rhubarb pie, vanilla ice cream,  pie crust

Pearberry Cake Pops pearberry lollipop, cake blend

Peary Fairy  (pearberry and snow fairy type)

Pennywise   ( Vanilla Ice Cream, Waffle Cone, Cinnamon Pumpkin Souffle)

Peppermint Birthday Noel  peppermint,  birthday cake,  vanilla bean noel

Peppermint Frosted Cupcakes

Peter Rabbit  Cider Lane,  Zucchini bread, Buttercream Frosting 

Pet Sematary  leaves,  bonfire, red apple 

Pie At Tiffanys lemon meringue pie, cupcakes at Tiffany's,  pink sugar

Pina Colada Cookies

Piña Colada Lemon Pie

Pineapple Upside Down Cake - our own house blend

Pink Cotton Candy Frosted Waffle Cone

Pink 7up Pound Cake pink sugar,  7up pound cake

Pink Cactus and sea salt

Pink Ladies Red apple, watermelon candy, pink sugar,  waffle cone 

Pink Peppermint Cookies  pink sugar, peppermint sugar cookie

Pink Satin Bonnet: Lavender, Pink Sugar, Vanilla Bean Noel, Marshmallow

Pink Sugar Cookie

Pink Zucchini Bread  - pink sugar zuchinni bread

Pink Pistachio Pudding Cake  -pink sugar, pistachio pudding cake

Pistachio Donut Sundae  pistachio pudding cake,  jelly donut,  vanilla ice cream,  waffle cone

Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich

Pistachio Pudding Cake

Pistachio pudding birthday cake

Pomegranate Apple Cider

Poppin Bottles  Pink champagne, fizzy pop 

Pumpkin Bread  fresh baked bread,  pumpkin pie,  buttercream

Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies

Pumpkin Croissant

Pumpkinhead   (Pumpkin Cheesecake, Pumpkin Souffle, Vanilla Ice Cream)

Pumpkin Hollow (hayride, sweet pumpkin, cinnamon and spices)

Pumpkin Spice Latte birthday cake,  coffee,  pumpkin pie 

Pumpkin Spice Twinkies

Purple Cactus And Sea Salt pink sugar,  blue sugar,  cactus and sea salt

Purple Margarita margarita, pink sugar, blue hawaiian

Raspberry Lemon Gelato

Red Sweater (Mac Apple, Sweater Weather

Red Kool-aid

Rose Jam At Tiffany's Rose Jam, cupcakes at Tiffanys

Rose Petal Ice Cream  - Fresh Rose, Vanilla Ice Cream

Rose Petal Ice Cream Cake Fresh rose,  vanilla ice cream,  cake blend

Rose Petal Ice Cream Sandwich

Salted Caramel Waffle Cone

Salt Water Taffy Pops salt water taffy,  lollipops

 Salty Succuent cactus and sea salt,  sea salt and Yuzu,  fresh florals

Salted Cantaloupe Cookies

Salute Your Shorts  Vanilla cotton,  downy blue

Satsuma Strawberry

Saved by The Bell  (Red Koolaid, salt water taffy)

Scoops Ahoy  summer scoop, BlackBerry jam butter cookies, fresh strawberry, vanilla ice cream and s'mores

Serendipity   (Sweet, thick, creamy vanilla with confectioners sugar sweet cherry, sweet orange citrus and the tiniest amount of yummy fresh coconut.)

Sleepaway Camp bedtime bath and lavender, bonfire,  marshmallow fireside, sugar cookies

Sleep Eater  (Lemon Lavender, Birthday Cake)

Sleepover At Tiffany's  Bedtime bath,  cupcakes at Tiffanys

Spa Retreat  Avobath, floral blend,  orange peach. Vanilla musk

Spring Break strawberry margarita,  beer, pink champagne,  salty sea air

Spring Day Fresh flowers, bamboo grass, Downy April Fresh,  vanilla bean noel

Spring Fling (endless weekend, love spell,  shaving cream

Starting Monday -Lemon Meringue Pie, Black Cherry Merlot, Fresh Baked Bread

Stranger Things: Blackberry jam butter cookies, coffee, cornbread, and pumpkin pecan waffles

Strawberry Booze Cruise

Strawberry Buttercream

Strawberry cake and ice cream

Strawberry Corn Muffins

Strawberry Cream Filled Croissant  fresh strawberry,  strawberry milkshake, strawberry marshmallow pie, croissant

Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Marshmallow Pie

Strawberry Marshmallow Bread Pudding

Strawberry Pomegranate Croissant Strawberry patch,  pomegranate, croissant

Strawberry Rose Jam Cake - fresh picked strawberry,  Rose Jam,  birthday cake

Strawberry Rose Jam Croissant  fresh strawberry,  rosejam,  croissant,  birthday cake

Strawberry Satsuma Cotton Candy

Strawberry shortcake cookies

Strawberry Tomato  (fresh strawberries,  vine ripened tomatoes)

Sugar Cookie Pie Crust

Sugar Rush  sugar cookies,  vanilla bean noel,  toasted marshmallow,  blue Hawaiian,  Froot loops

Summer Berry Pie  raspberry, strawberry, blueberry cheesecake, ice cream, vanilla ice cream, pie crust

Summer Snack summer scoop, crunch berries, banana

Summer Vacation: Watermelon candy, mango tangerine, vanilla bean noel

Sweet Clean - Apple mango tango type, Green apple, Vanilla Bean Noel

Sweet Dreams   ( Bedtime Bath Lavender, Sugar Cookie, Toasted Marshmallow)

Sweet Summer Breeze  orange blossom, cactus and sea salt, vanilla bean noel

Sweet Winter Cake blueberry lemon donuts,  snowcake,  cotton candy

Sweet Tooth  Watermelon, cotton candy, marshmallow, rainbow sherbet

Sweet Valley High

Swim Break cantaloupe,  salty sea air,  waffle cone 

Tahitian Treat Fizzy tropical punch

Talking In Your Sleep lemon lavender,  bedtime bath

Tea At Tiffany's  Blackberry tea, cupcakes at Tiffany's

Teen Wolf  fruits, berries, pine, musk

Tea Party  (Tea and Cakes, BlackBerry jam butter cookie)

Teddy Ruxpin  Lavender Pink Sugar, marshmallow milkshake

The Red Sea  (Salty Sea Air, Red Apple)

Thats My jam blackberry jam butter cookies, vanilla bean noel, birthday cake

Third Season  pumpkin cheesecake, pie crust, marshmallow, vanilla ice cream

Tiki Party summer scoop, toasted marshmallow, lemon coconut leaves, blue volcano

Trail Of Lights  Apple,  leaves,  vanilla bean noel

Troop Beverly Hills  Lemonade,  Sugar Cookies,  Cotton Candy

Tropical Waffle Cone banana, waffle cone, blue Hawaiian

Tuck Me In  Lavender,  peppermint,  strawberry,  waffle cone

Ultimate Lemon Cake birthday cake, lemon meringue pie, buttercream

Very Berry Pie (Strawberry marshmallow pie, raspberry, BlackBerry jam butter cookie,  black cherry merlot,  pie crust

Weekend At Bernie's  salty Sea air, Honolulu sun, Dead Man's Party 

Weekend Breakfast  (Raisin Bread, Cinnamon Sugar Donut)

Welcome To Sunnydale  orange blosson, mac apple grass

Whatta Man ( Barber Shop, Shaving Cream, Wood Sage & Sea Salt)

Winter Storm Sweater weather,  peppermint,  storm watch

Yacht Party  strawberry marshmallow cream, white clouds,  pink champagne,  Honolulu sun 

Zack Morris  wood Sage and Sea Salt, blue sugar