Instruction Sheet - free

Instruction Sheet - free

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Instructions for Bunny Sisters Wax

We recommend the following for optimal performance and ease of use:
⦁ Melt 0.5-1 oz of wax at a time for optimal scent throw (carefully cut larger shapes with a soap cutter or knife)
⦁ Use with a higher wattage wax warmer to ensure the wax fully melts (we like 20-24 watt)
⦁ Scent may be stronger in smaller rooms, and more of a background scent in large open spaces
⦁ To improve scent distribution, you may need to change the placement of the warmer, or air flow in the room (ie. ceiling fans, A/C)
⦁ Scent lasts anywhere between a couple hours to a day or two depending on a number of factors (ie. oil used, warmer wattage, your personal scent sensitivity etc)

Wax Removal & Cleaning the Dish
Once the wax no longer has any scent, or you're ready for a new scent, there are a number of ways to remove the wax from the warmer
⦁ Cotton balls- turn off your warmer and allow to cool enough to avoid burns. Carefully place 2-3 cotton balls inside the wax dish for a few seconds while the wax is still melted in order to absorb the liquid wax. Discard the cotton balls
⦁ Freezer - turn off your warmer and allow wax to solidify. Remove the wax dish from the warmer base and place dish in the freezer. This makes the wax contract, which allows for it to pop out of the dish easily
⦁ We DO NOT recommend the "hot dump" method, which involves picking up the wax dish while hot and dumping it
⦁ To clean your empty warmer dish, you can unplug the warmer, remove dish and clean with small amount of rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball or magic eraser. Allow to dry completely before using

⦁ Remove ALL plastic packaging including the cup on scent shots (press firmly with your thumb on the bottom of the cup)
⦁ Do Not Eat
⦁ Keep away from pets and children
⦁ Only use in warmers designed for scented wax
⦁ Do not touch the wax when hot
⦁ Do not overfill your warmer
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